Tuesday Mornings

July 16 to August 20, in downtown Victoria

Head into your day truly refreshed and elevated, after an uplifting practice of kundalini yoga.

We hope you’ll join us during this six-session summertime series of Tuesday-morning classes at the community gem, MokSana Yoga Center, in the heart of downtown Victoria. You’ll leave each class feeling energized, renewed and ready for whatever the day brings.

Every class will include prayanyama (breath work), a kundalini yoga kriya (set of asanas and exercises), deep relaxation in the vibrations of the gong, and a meditation to clear your mind and elevate your mood.

About the Practice and the Teacher

Kundalini Yoga uses movement, breath, sound current, and meditation to stimulate and balance the nervous, glandular, and immune systems.  Its practices improve strength and flexibility, while centering the mind and elevating the spirit. Benefits include relief from stress and insomnia, enhanced creativity, balancing of the heart and mind, and development of will power.  

The symphonic gong expresses the full spectrum of sound, and creates an environment of resounding, enveloping vibrations.  These sounds and vibrations enhance and enrich the effects of kundalini yoga practices, by allowing deep release from physical tension, emotional fixation, and busy-ness of mind.

Sherri Dev Dharam has been practicing kundalini yoga for twelve years. She has been teaching locally for over six years, offering yoga classes, workshops, retreats and sound therapy sessions in many Vancouver Island locations.  Her classes are practical, fun and reverent, and she loves to share the life-enhancing practices of kundalini yoga with everyone, from curious first-time students to long-time yogis.  Sherri Dev Dharam is a 500-hour KRI-certified Kundalini Yoga Practitioner, and is a CYA-RYT 500 teacher.

Join us in the Main Studio, upstairs at MokSana Yoga Center

613 Pandora Avenue, in downtown Victoria

Drop in $15
Contact Sherri Dev Dharam: frogpose@shaw.ca