Sherri Dev Dharam

Kundalini Yoga

Sherri Dev Dharam’s classes are practical, fun and reverent.  She loves to share the life-enhancing practices of kundalini yoga with everyone, from curious first-time students to long-time yogis.  She has been practicing kundalini yoga since 2007 and is a KRI-certified Level II Practitioner of Kundalini Yoga, and CYA-RYT 500 Teacher. She teaches in a number of Vancouver Island studios, and continues to expand her experience by studying and practicing with senior teachers and peers.

Kundalini yoga includes movement, breath work, meditation and sound current.  These practices stimulate and balance the nervous and glandular systems, allow the body to release tension and restricted energy flow, and free the mind from the effects of mental and emotional stress.  The rejuvenating, relaxing, and elevating effects of kundalini yoga are enhanced by the experience of deep relaxation in the vibrations of symphonic gongs.

Gong Vibrations

Sherri Dev Dharam first fell in love with the gong during a yoga class many years ago, and has since become a devoted player, educator and sound therapist. She plays symphonic and other gongs during kundalini yoga classes, in extended community gong journeys, and in private sessions.  She has travelled the globe to study and practice with gong masters Don Conreaux, Sheila Whittaker and Mehtab Benton, and has taken Master classes with gong experts Mitch Nur, Michael Bettine, Jens Zygar and Mike Tamburo.

The gongs’ powerful, resounding tones create a unique, deeply felt experience for every listener.  The multi-layered vibrations permeate the body and quiet the mind.  Gong therapy is used to relieve physical and emotional distress, and to promote healing, deep-relaxation and overall well-being.


Sherri is a professional educator and communication specialist, who enjoys helping people to communicate authentically, effectively and with confidence.  She works with students, academic professionals, business leaders and community organizations.  Whether teaching university classes, creating and leading small-group workshops, or working one-on-one with individuals, Sherri helps communicators to realize their intentions.  She understands that effective communication is grounded in authenticity, conscious intention and integrity.

Sherri Dev Dharam finds that her daily practice of kundalini yoga makes her more conscious, flexible, joyful and healthy – enabling her to better serve others in realizing their unique communication, health, and happiness goals.