Gong Workshop


Saturday, February 29:  3:00 – 6:00 pm

pre-registration required (see below)

We hope you’ll join us for this good-vibrations afternoon workshop!

About the Gong Workshop



Instruments of excitation, meditation, integration, elevation


During this experiential workshop, you will learn about

  •  Uses of the Gong
  •  Approaching the Gong
  •  Basic striking methods
  •  Playing for self, and others
  •  Choosing a gong

You will experience the gong by:

  • Trying various gongs, of different types and sizes
  • Experimenting with different kinds of mallets
  • Surrendering to the vibrations in a deep-relaxation, multi-gong bath


Class size is limited, to ensure that everyone gets plenty of time to play.  We hope you’ll come and play with us!


Saturday, February 29   3:00 – 6:00 pm

MĀ Yoga & Wellness,  539 Herald Street 

$65  Register at:   MĀ Yoga & Wellness
Questions?  contact Sherri Dev Dharam: frogpose@shaw.ca