Full Moon Gong Journey

Full Moon Gong Journey

Kundalini Yoga and Springtime Gong Bath

with Sherri Dev Dharam


On March 28, the first full moon of the season will shine her silvery light in the springtime sky.

The divine dance quickens around us – glorious blossoms invite the attention of bees, while nests and burrows are readied for new generations.  We feel stirrings ourselves – longings to connect with each other, to immerse ourselves in nature, to receive inspirations as artists, creators, lovers of life

Please join us for an afternoon journey in the spirit of springtime.  The deeply moving vibrations of the gongs will permeate your being, where their symphonies of sound relax the body, and free the mind of limitations and repetitions, creating an environment that pulses with the rhythms and frequencies of new possibilities.

After a practice of gently energizing kundalini yoga, you’ll relax on your mat for a 50-minute sound bath in the vibrations of symphonic and planetary gongs.  The afternoon will complete with a joyful moving meditation in honour of Adi Shakti.     

Please bring:

  • Any extra cushioning and warming layers you might need to completely relax in cozy comfort
  • Eye covering, if desired
  • Water bottle


Sunday, March 28, 2:30 – 4:30 pm    $31

MĀ Yoga & Wellness, 539 Herald Street

register here:  Full Moon Gong Journey at MĀ
MA Yoga