Blue Moon Gong Journey

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Blue Moon Gong Journey

Kundalini Yoga and Gong Bath

with Sherri Dev Dharam


October 31 has become a time for bringing into the light that which is usually in the dark.  A time to illuminate consciousness, to face fears, and to find sweetness among inevitable loss. It can be a time to celebrate the absurd, to embrace the mysterious, or to reveal what has been below the surface.

This year, October 31 falls on the day of a full moon – a blue moon.  What a beautiful reminder to illuminate, acknowledge and accept our present selves, complete with our full spectrums of light, shadow, darkness and mystery. 

Please join us for an afternoon journey into wholeness.  The deeply moving vibrations of the gongs will permeate your entire being, where their symphonies of sound can serve to activate and balance your own optimal rhythms and frequencies.

After a practice of gently energizing kundalini yoga, you’ll relax on your mat for a 50-minute sound bath in the vibrations of symphonic and planetary gongs.  Afterward, we’ll spend time together in meditation, finishing with some grounding conversation over warming chai tea.     

Please bring:

  • Any extra cushioning and warming layers you might need to completely relax in cozy comfort
  • Eye covering, if desired
  • Your own tea cup

Saturday, October 31, 1:30 – 3:30 pm

MĀ Yoga & Wellness, 539 Herald Street

register here:  Blue Moon Gong Journey at MĀ